We had a lot of fun during various...

January 18, 2018
  • We had a lot of fun during various activities in the gym; pictured are a couple kids practicing their yoga poses. We also played a really fun card game called “Exploding Kittens” and then Aaron led a fun activity in the computer lab where the kids learned how to use the garage band program to make music.

    The Dragonflies began to discuss the play: “Spork: The Musical,” another original by Matt and Aaron! 

    Auditions are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week and the Dragonflies are expected to prepare a short song or piece of a song, and to be prepared to read from the script.
    Third through fifth grade are able to participate this year and anyone who wants to be in the chorus doesn’t have to audition.
    We will also need help from some Dragonflies and Crickets on set preparation, costumes and other behind-the-scenes aspects of this production.

    In our normal RED life we’ve been busy getting ready for the art show and still finding time to enjoy awesome activities like GarageBand, gravity and make-a-shirt!!

This week, Crickets have been having a ton of funThe honeybees are gearing up for the art show…