• March  Clubs will be 3/7, 14, 21, 28 from 3-4PM each day. 

    Honeybee Clubs: 

    Architects Club

    Using inspiration from books, the world around us, and our own imagination, Honeybees will become Architects. We will draw blue prints, paint back drops, build with clay, and work together to create our very own RED cityscape!

    Exercise and Energize Club

    In Exercise and Energize Club kids will be participating in a variety of active games as well as learning the importance of healthy eating to stay Energized throughout the day.

    Secret Spy Club

    In secret spy club, we will make our own secret languages, create spy books, and draw or write down our observations from spy missions. We will travel around the school and also outside to include observations of people, neighborhoods, squirrels, and other parts of nature. We will look for mystery clues and improve our senses to find the mystery clues faster, so we can complete the Ultimate Spy Challenge on the last day. 

    Crickets Clubs: 

    Pokémon Club

    Gotta catch ’em all? This club is for you! Pokémon club will train you to be the very best through our three team leaders. Learn from our fire Pokémon expert, Candela from Team Valor, our water Pokémon expert, Blanche from Team Mystic, and our electric Pokémon expert, Spark from Team Instinct. Who knows, maybe they’ll ask you to be on the team with them! Crafts, challenges, games, and battles await!

    Unicorn Art Club

    Crickets joining this mystical adventure are the kids that understand just how much happiness comes with glitter and rainbows. We will experiment in many creative avenues including writing, arts in crafts, fashion and fun. 

    Dinosaur Theme Club

    Beginning with a large 3D skeleton puzzle to assemble as a group and moving on to making our own card stick puzzles, casting fossils in salt dough and creating our own dinosaur manuals.

    For Starters

    This is a fun fitness and sports club for beginners. Choose this club if you are interested in understanding the rules to football, how to throw a baseball, and sharpen up your sports skills in a safe environment with other beginners who are learning, just like you.

    Dragonflies Clubs:

    Play Club

    Play club is exactly what it sounds like. For all of the Dragonflies taking part in this year’s musical, we will be having our rehearsals on Tuesdays as a club. This club is mandatory for all play participants and promises to be exciting as we all dive into a new imaginary world!

    Card Club

    In this club students will experience a variety of card games. Each week we will learn and play a different card game.

    Build It Club

    Each week the kids will be given different materials than the last and will be given a specific building/statue/item that they will try to replicate. One week they will be using legos, the next popsicle sticks, then Kinex and Jenga blocks. At the end of the last week, we will display photos (that I will print) of each weeks design, so that we can compare them.