• November Clubs will be 11/6, 13, 20, 27. 

    Honeybee Clubs: 

    Archeological Dig Club: Exploring The World Below

    Using tools, teamwork, research, and our imagination, Honeybee’s will become real-life Archaeologists. We will explore the ground below us, searching for dinosaurs, tools, and treasures. We will excavate and analyze artifacts that Runkle’s past has left behind – and maybe make some R.E.D. history with what we discover! 

    Costume Club

    In Costume Club, we will wear costumes, create skits, and build imaginary worlds

    Construction Club

    In Construction Zone, we will explore all the steps involved in building structures. We will talk about what construction involves and
    the tools that are commonly used. Each week, we will design a project
    from start to finish. We will use a variety of materials to build and create different structures. 

    Game Club

    In game club, kids will be learning to play a variety of different games including, board games, card games, and movement games. Not only will they be learning how to play these certain games but they will be working together to create their own board game, card game, and movement game. Throughout these four weeks, dthey will be learning to work as a team to not only dig deep into their own imaginations but to work together to focus on teamwork and good sportsmanship!


    Crickets Clubs: 

    Reading Club:

    Do you like to listen to stories? What about listening to stories while cuddling your favorite stuffed animal? Then this club is for you! Reading club will listen to several stories each week as well as give you the chance to create your own! From drawing and acting out the stories we read, to creating our own stories to share, reading club is sure to be a blast! Book lovers unite!

    Basketball Club:

    Basketball Club is centered around having fun and practicing key values (sportsmanship and teamwork) while learning the rules and the fundamentals of the game (passing, dribbling, shooting and defense). Each day will begin with drills pertaining to a particular skill followed by a scrimmage. We will conclude with a discussion where members can talk about the positive things that they noticed throughout the hour such as good sportsmanship, nice hustle by a particular member, player improvement, etc. 
    Rules will be explained at the introduction of the club and throughout the four days when I notice teaching points. Each day will be based around one of the aforementioned fundamentals. 
    What Can I Paint Club?

    In the “What can I paint?” club we will be building our appreciation for the classical visual art as we learn about a historical artist and explore multiple forms of painting. We will explore abstract art on mini canvases with acrylic paint, watercolor scenery on card stock, group planning and mural art, and the fun and freedom of finger painting. 

    Mystery Club

    Mystery club will combine storytelling, suspense, and forensic science. We will learn to analyze fingerprints and collect clues to solve crimes and even create a mystery story of our own!

    Dragonflies Clubs:

    Japanese Club

    Japanese Club will be a chance for some Dragonflies to explore the language, culture, art and food of Japan.
    We will learn some of the symbols used in the Japanese language, make some traditional Japanese art and end the club with a sushi- making party!!!

    Athletics Club

    For November I will be doing a “Runkle Athletics” Club. My plan is to focus on sportsmanship and strategy. My goal is that the end result will show an improvement in the Dragonflies overall sportsmanship, attitudes, and teamwork!
    Science Club

    Do you have a passion for figuring out how the universe works?  Are you curious about why things happen the way they do in nature? We will make marshmallows shrink using nothing but air, pop balloons with a secret substance found in fruit, use static electricity to make objects move as if by magic, and make a tower of liquid layers.