• Honeybees Clubs

    Storytelling Club

    In Storytelling Club, Honeybee’s will write, illustrate, act out, and record our own story. Teamwork and imagination go hand-in-hand as we become authors, illustrators, actors, and directors.

    Habitat Club:

    In habitat club kids will be learning and exploring the different habitats and environments which animals live in and adapt to. Each week we will learn about the different kinds of habitats such as the rainforest, desert, grassland and tundra as well as the different animals and living things that are found in each one!

    Week 1: what is a habitat…. learn a few of the main ones. Start learning about the dessert. Read book/handout on the dessert and create a desert environment using art materials based off what we just read.

    Week 2: tundra habitat. Read book/handouts. Science experiment showing kids how animals stay warm in the Arctic weather

    Week 3: rainforest- explore different parts of the rainforests which kinds of animals are found there. Create rainforest booklets

    Week 4: learn about the forest climate. Kids experiences walking through the woods around here or in New England animals that they have see before. Make their own picture/ project from their own experiences or in something they have learned/read
    Wrap up/ summarize all the habitats we have learned about over the past 4 weeks

    Science Club

    n this club we will explore and learn about different aspects of science! We will do different experiments to see how various ingredients react, talk about clouds and weather, and construct our very own Rube Goldberg machine. We will record all of our findings and learnings, just like real scientists!

    -3/6: Erupting volcanoes and make science journals

    3/13: Rube Goldberg machine

    3/20: Rain Cloud In a Jar

    3/27: Coke and Mentos Reaction

    -Each week we will talk about how/why what we’re observing happens and have time to write about it in the journals we make the first week.

    Club 3-D
    Club explores and creates sculptures utilizing a variety of materials.

    Week 1:  Air Dry Clay–Mixed Medium

    Week 2:  Sculpey–Mixed Medium

    Week 3:  Wire/Mixed Medium/Abstract Sculptures

    Week 4:  Recycled art:  Creating sculptures using bottles, wire, metal, beads, and a variety of plastic objects found at home.
    Zoo Rangers Club
    In Zoo Rangers Club, we will learn about animals and build scenes of their natural habitat. We will focus on wild cats, the biggest mammals on land and sea, birds and dinosaurs, as well as animals native to New England.
    Day 1: Wild Cats: Cheetahs, lions, tigers, oh my! We will learn what they eat, where they live, and how fast they run.
    Day 2: The biggest mammals: The Blue Whale, elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, bears, colossal squid and more! Let’s admire the size of these amazing animals!
    Day 3: Birds and dinosaurs: How did birds evolve from dinosaurs? Let’s take a look at the Velociraptor to find some clues.
    Day 4: Animals of New England: Squirrels, turkeys, raccoons, frogs, rabbits… What wildlife can you find in your own backyard? Let’s explore the outdoors and think about these animal’s habitats. 

    Crickets Clubs

    Glassy Club
    In this club we will be experimenting with art that give the experience and beauty glass provided in art. 
    We will make stain glass murals with black glue and vellum paper, and Tiles and sharpies. Also in the club we will be making light bulb room projection art and  picture frame abstract wall art.
    RED Play Club
    We will be rehearsing for the play for the 4 weeks!

    Archaeology club:

    Week 1: Dig out real gemstones as a team and identify them.

    Week 2: Ancient Egypt day -build and pyramid and wrap the mummy challenge

    Week 3: Computer lab visit for online resources and games including an escape challenge and hieroglyphic translation.

    Week 4: Shard quest, find and assemble pieces of a broken Egyptian pot.

    Football club

    We will prioritize sportsmanship, teamwork and most importantly fun as focal points. Like basketball club from a few months ago, each day will begin with drills pertaining to a particular skill. A scrimmage will then take place followed by a positive discussion about what members learned and/or observed. 

    Participants can expect to learn about the fundamentals of the game including: rules, proper technique and play calling. The schedule will be as follows:

    Day One: 

    Receiver drills (25 minutes)

    Scrimmage (30 minutes)

    Discussion (5 minutes)

    Day Two: 

    Running back drills (25 minutes)

    Scrimmage (30 minutes)

    Discussion (5 minutes)

    Day Three:

    Quarterback drills (25 minutes)

    Scrimmage (30 minutes)

    Discussion (5 minutes)

    Day Four:

    Defensive drills (25 minutes) 

    Scrimmage (30 minutes) 

    Discussion (5 minutes)

    Dragonflies Clubs

    Dragonfly Club:

    For the 4 weeks, kids will be coming up with their own club ideas!
    RED Play Club
    We will be rehearsing for the play for the 4 weeks!