Interrupting bear, outdoors, and flower necklaces!

June 09, 2017
  • This week started out chilly, but now it is officially feeling like summer! We made flower necklaces, went on bug adventures, and we played 4-square on the blacktop. We also put on comedy shows for each other and had one of our most productive, and fun, days in the gym! 

    We played the game Interrupting Bear. Each of us played different animals and came up with a unique body movement that goes with the animal. We also enjoyed Castle Ball in the gym. We made monsters out of paper bags and eclectic materials. 

    The Honeybee’s also enjoyed the outdoors! We played zombie tag with the Cricket’s, searched for a variety of bugs, and of course, played lots of soccer. We also did a lot of knitting, played new games in the alien room, and watercolored to classical music. It was a lovely week, and we are so excited for more sunshine!

“The Rainbow River,” and Passport DesignSlacklining, hiragana, kickball, and crosswords