Four Square Tournaments and Leaf Piles

October 16, 2017
  • Crickets have had a great week! This fall weather has sparked many four square tournaments and leaf piles. Crickets also enjoyed a coin scavenger hunt in the courtyard to show off their hide and seek skills.

    Crickets have been getting in the artistic mood by creating posters, magic cube puzzles, and scary ghost pictures in the cafeteria. We are constantly amazed by their creativity!

    We also had a great time today with our Dragonfly and Honeybee friends during a massive game of Handball! All of RED split into two teams: the green stink bugs and the red scorpion flys! We had a great game with amazing sportsmanship on both sides.

Clay sculptures, mosaics and drawingsHandball between the Stink Bugs and the Scorpionflies