For those Dragonflies that are moving on...

June 19, 2017
  • This year the Dragonflies played a lot of sports, did a lot of art activities, performed an original musical, went on field trips to Starbucks, Pino’s pizzeria, Dean Park, went on nature walks, and Pokémon go walks, practiced typing, learned a little bit of coding, flew styrofoam gliders, went sledding, played Catan, played Avalon, played Anomia, played Ligretto, threw Jenga blocks, went ice skating, made slow motion videos, messed with sounds on GarageBand, played games, did homework, ate snack and had a whole bunch of free time and a lot of good talks.

    For those Dragonflies that are moving on, we will miss you and hope you’ll visit and for those Dragonflies who are returning, we’ll see you next year!!!!

Crickets had a great finish to the year!Honeybees are excited to be back at RED this year!