Paper Chain Decorations, Vases, and Paper Flowers

March 14, 2016
  • With the springtime weather the honeybees were happy to be spending a lot of time outside! On Wednesday the kindergarten honeybees had a fancy snack time complete with table cloths, flowers and candles on the tables and decorations hanging throughout the room. The kindergartners worked hard last week, making paper chain decorations, decorating vases, and making paper flowers in preparation for fancy snack day. Some of the kids tried some chamomile tea and we listened to classical music. On Thursday the honeybees had a special guest come visit! Dragonfly teacher Jess came to make fabric collages with the honeybees! The honeybees also enjoyed many St. Patrick’s Day themed art projects and they continue to love building activities in the alien room and outside. This week kids created an elaborate pulley system in the alien room using paper cups, yarn, and blocks!

Enjoying the Playground!Bubble Tea and Play Rehearsal